General Information

The Provider Portal is intended for both Medicaid providers and Provider Enrollment Managers (PEM) who are enrolling and managing provider data on behalf of a Provider.
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The main function of the provider portal is for providers to enroll and maintain their profile for Wyoming Medicaid.
Yes, providers can add a collaborator to their account. Collaborators are external users invited by the provider in order to assist with the application and maintenance of a provider record.
A Collaborator is given permission to perform actions such as assisting with entering data in the enrollment application, submitting a change to the provider enrollment record, and viewing and responding to emails that the provider receives in the message center. The provider dictates the permissions that the collaborator is granted.
Collaborators have two roles: Office Manager and Provider User. Office Managers have read and update permissions that can also be edited by the Primary Account Holder. Provider User have read permissions only and these can be edited by the Primary Account Holder.
The Message Center is used for communication between the enrolled provider and the Provider Services Call Center. In addition to these communications, providers will also see system notifications in the Message Center. Providers are encouraged to check their Message Center regularly. The Message Center cannot be used for external mail correspondence.
DyP has three options for providers to obtain help during their application process. Providers can utilize the Live Chat option, which is located at the bottom right of the screen. Professionals within the Provider Services Call Center will be there to answer your questions during normal business hours. If you need help after normal business hours or you would rather send an email you can contact the Provider Services Call Center via email. The third option is to call into the Provider Services Call Center to talk to a representative.